Long–term 医疗保险 is different from medical 护理, because it generally helps you 像现在这样生活,而不是改善或纠正身体上的问题. 人们经常认为 long-term 护理 as strictly nursing home 护理. 长期护理服务实际上可能包括帮助 activities of daily living, home 护理, respite 护理, hospice 护理, or adult day 护理. 这个保健也许 given in your own home, a day 护理 设施, assisted living 设施, nursing home, or in a hospice 设施.

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What is long-term 医疗保险?

这些个人保险可能会在你 you are unable to take 护理 of yourself due to prolonged illness or disability. 这一政策 usually pays for skilled, intermediate and custodial 护理 in a nursing home. 家庭健康 照护、成人日托和辅助生活照护也经常包括在内. 这些政策 usually pay a fixed amount per day or per visit to facilities or 护理givers that are 并/或参加医疗补助和医疗保险.

How much does long-term 护理 cost?

长期护理 can be 昂贵的. The cost depends on the amount and type of 护理 you need and where you get it. Below are some average annual costs for 护理 在养老院,辅助生活设施和你自己的家里. 长期护理可能需要花费 more or less where you live.


2018年,全国养老院平均费用为 about $89,297 per year (for a semi-private room). This cost doesn’t include items such as 治疗和药物,这可能会大大增加成本.

Assisted Living Facility Costs

据报道,2018年,辅助生活设施的收费为每小时4000美元 month (for a onebedroom unit) on average, or $48,000 per year, including rent and most other 费用. Residents may pay more for additional 护理.


2018年,基本家庭护理的费用平均为每小时22美元 a 家庭健康助手 in the U.S. 一名家庭健康助理每年要拜访6个家庭,也就是34320美元 hours a day, five days a week. 在你家里由护士提供的熟练护理通常会更多 昂贵的. Annual costs for home 护理 depend on the number of days a week the 护理giver 访视、所需护理类型及每次访视的时间长短. 家庭护理可以是 如果需要24小时的护理,很多人负担不起. These costs are different across 这个国家. 您所在的州十大网络彩票平台大全或您所在的保险咨询项目 state may know the costs for your area.

How can I pay for long-term 护理?

People pay for long-term 护理 in different ways. 这些包括 individuals' or their families' personal resources, including savings, investments or other assets such as a home, longterm 医疗保险 and some help from 医疗补助计划 for those who 有资格. 医疗保险, 医疗保险 supplement insurance, or your employee or retiree health insurance usually will not pay for long-term 护理.


医疗保险 does NOT cover long-term 护理. 然而,医疗保险部分 A does cover skilled nursing 设施 护理, nursing home 护理 (as long as custodial 护理 并不是你唯一需要的护理),临终关怀护理和有限的家庭护理. 你不应该指望 医疗保险 to pay your long-term 护理 costs.

医疗保险 Supplement Insurance

医疗保险补充保险(Medigap)是私人保险 that helps pay for some of the gaps in 医疗保险 coverage, such as hospital deductibles and physician charges greater than 医疗保险 approves. Medigap usually doesn’t pay for long-term 护理.


医疗补助是政府资助的项目,用于支付护理费用 home 护理 only for individuals who are low income and have spent most of their assets. 医疗补助支付了美国近三分之一的养老院护理费用.S.,但许多人 需要长期护理的人没有资格申请医疗补助. 医疗补助计划 also pays for some home- and community-based services. 要获得医疗补助,你必须满足联邦和州政府的要求 guidelines for income and assets. 许多人开始支付养老院护理的费用 their own money and "spend down" their income and assets until they’re eligible for 医疗补助计划. 然后,医疗补助会支付他们养老院的部分或全部费用. 你可能需要使用 up most of your assets paying for your long-term 护理 before 医疗补助计划 is able to help. 你 也许可以为呆在家里的配偶保留一些资产和收入. 而且,你可能是 able to keep some of your assets if your long-term 医疗保险 is approved by a state as a long-term 医疗保险 partnership policy.

各州法律对你可以保留多少收入和资产有所不同 and still be eligible for 医疗补助计划. (有些资产,比如你的房子,可能不会阻止你 being eligible for 医疗补助计划.然而,联邦法律要求你所在的州从你的 estate the costs of the 医疗补助计划 benefits you receive, subject to certain rules. 十大网络彩票平台大全 your state 医疗补助计划 office, state office on aging, or department of social services to learn about the rules in your state.

符合纳税资格的和不符合纳税资格的有什么区别 非tax-qualified计划?

符合纳税条件的长期护理计划支付的福利 are not 应纳税收入. 不纳税的长期护理计划的好处可能是 应纳税收入. 与你的税务顾问确认扣除一部分的可能性 of the premiums paid in addition to the individual tax consequences involved.

Ask these questions before you buy.


  • Do you have any serious health issues?
  • What is your financial situation?
  • 如果你不再在乎,你愿意住在哪里 为自己?
  • 你信任谁来帮你做决定 成为无行为能力?
  • What are your end-of-life wishes?

提示 & 工具

Need help navigating long-term 护理?

消费者s Guide to 长期护理保险

NAIC’s 长期护理保险 Buyer’s Guide provides you information to make better informed decisions around purchasing long-term 医疗保险. 查看 消费者s Guide to 长期护理保险 为了得到更好的 understanding of long-term 医疗保险 products.

Be prepared before you buy.

长期护理与传统医疗不同 护理

有长期身体疾病、残疾或 像阿尔茨海默氏症这样的认知障碍通常需要长期护理. 长期护理 services may include help with daily activities, home health 护理, respite 护理, hospice 护理, adult day 护理, 护理 in a nursing home or 护理 in an assisted living 设施.

Long-Term 护理 Can be Expensive

The cost depends on the type of 护理 provided. 在2017年, U.S. average for nursing home 护理 was $82,125 per year. In assisted living facilities it 是每年43435美元吗. 家庭保健每小时的价格约为每小时21美元 家庭健康助手.

你 Have Options When Paying for Long-Term 护理

这些包括使用个人资源,长期护理 insurance and 医疗补助计划 for those who 有资格. 医疗保险, 医疗保险 supplement insurance and health insurance you may have at work usually will not pay for long-term 护理.

Decide Whether 长期护理保险 is for 你

你是否应该买一份长期护理保险 depend on your age, health status, overall retirement goals, income and assets. 保险费是 昂贵的. 如果你唯一的收入来源是社会保障福利或补充 Security Income (SSI), you probably are not suited to buy long-term 医疗保险. 在 other hand, if you have means to pay premiums and assets you wish to protect, a long-term 医疗保险 policy may be right for you.

Pre-Existing Condition Limitations

长期护理保险单通常定义 预先存在的条件 as one for which you received medical advice or treatment or had 在您申请保单之前的某一段时间内的症状. 一些公司看 further back in time than others. 许多公司会把保单卖给有 预先存在的条件. 然而,公司可能不会支付长期护理相关的福利 to that condition for a period after the policy goes into effect, usually six months. 一些 公司有更长的预先存在的条件限制,或者根本没有.

Know Where to Look for 长期护理保险

长期护理保险有几种可供选择 不同的形式. 你可以从私人保险公司或推荐全球十大网赌正规平台那里购买个人保险, or you can buy coverage under a group policy through an employer or association membership. The federal government and several state governments offer long-term 医疗保险 coverage to their employees, retirees and their families. 你 can also get long-term 护理 benefits through a life insurance policy. 一些州设计了长期护理保险计划 to help people with the financial impact of spending down to meet 医疗补助计划 eligibility. Check with your state insurance department or counseling program to see if these policies are available in your state.

Check With Several Companies and Agents

在你购买长期产品之前,请十大网络彩票平台大全几家公司和代理商 保健政策. Be sure to compare benefits, the types of facilities covered, limits on your coverage, what is not covered and the premium. Policies from different insurance companies 通常都有相同的保险范围和福利,但费用可能不同. 一定要问 companies about their rate increase history and whether they have increased the rates on the long-term 医疗保险 policies.

Don’t be Misled by Advertising

大多数名人代言都是花钱雇来的职业演员 advertise, not insurance experts. 同样重要的是要注意到,联邦医疗保险(医疗保险)没有 endorse or sell long-term 医疗保险 policies, so be wary of advertising that suggests 涉及医疗保险. 不要相信你在邮件中收到的看似官方的卡片 government documents until you check with the government agency identified on the card.

Make Sure the Insurance Company is Reputable

为了帮助你发现保险公司是否可靠,你 can take the following actions: 停止 before you sign anything, call your state insurance department and confirm that the insurance company is licensed to do business in your state. After you make sure they are licensed, check the financial stability of the company by 检查他们的评级. 你可以从一些保险公司的评级服务免费获得评级 大多数公共图书馆.

Review 你r Contract 护理fully

当你购买长期护理保险时,你的公司应该 寄给你一份保单. 你应该读一下政策,一定要了解它的内容. If you have questions about your insurance policy, contact your insurance agent for 澄清. 如果你还有问题,去问你的州十大网络彩票平台大全 senior insurance counseling program.