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Long-Term Care Insurance (EX) Task Force

2021 Membership

2022 Proposed Charges

认识到当前长期护理保险(LTCI)环境对消费者和国家保险监管体系构成的严重威胁, the mission of the Long-Term Care Insurance (EX) Task Force is to: 1) further develop and implement a coordinated national approach for reviewing LTCI rates; 2) monitor and evaluate the rate review process; 3) evaluate and recommend options to help consumers manage the impact of rate increases; and 4) monitor work performed by other NAIC groups to review the financial solvency of long-term care (LTC) insurers.

The Long-Term Care Insurance (EX) Task Force will:

  1. 一经NAIC执行(EX)委员会和全体会议通过, monitor, 并评估MSA框架文件中概述的多州精算(MSA)费率审查过程的进展. 监督国家十大网络彩票平台大全在执行MSA框架和MSA费率审查建议后的费率审查行动.
  2. 完成评估和推荐选项,为消费者提供关于修改LTCI合同利益的选择,当保单因费率上涨而无法承受时.
  3. 监督其他NAIC偿付能力工作组的工作,并及时协助多国协调和沟通LTC保险公司的财务状况审查.

2021 Charges

The Long-Term Care Insurance (EX) Task Force will:

  1. 认识到当前长期护理保险(LTCI)环境对消费者和国家保险监管体系构成的严重威胁, this Task Force is charged to:
    1. 制定一致的国家方法,以审查长期保险费率,从而使各州及时给予精算上适当的提高,并消除跨州费率补贴.
    2. 进一步评估和推荐选项,为消费者提供关于修改LTCI合同利益的选择,当保单因费率上涨而无法承受时.
    3. 在2021年夏季全国会议之前向执行委员会提交这一提案.

2021 Fall National Meeting
Sunday, December 12, 2021

Ballroom 20 ABC - Convention Center - Upper Level

Virtual: This meeting will be offered in a Virtual format.  Zoom links will be provided in the Event App.

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